A Little More Detail about Pour Over/プアオーバーについてもう少し

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Most pour over methods practiced in the United States today have these features:
1. Prewetting the paper filter.
Judging from the pour over videos on YouTubes that I have checked so far, this step is considered very important because it eliminates any paper taste that may be in the paper filter and it heats up the dripper and the server/cup.
In Japan, this step is not considered important, and is often skipped.
2. Making a dimple/hole/depression
In some videos, the brewer makes a hole with his or her index finger in the coffee grounds before blooming.
3. Stirring the coffee grounds
This is done in many of the videos that I’ve checked. No rules against this, but this is usually regarded as a big no-no in Japan.

Anyway, all’s well that tastes well, after all. As for me, I’ll stick with the Matsuya method.

1. ペーパーフィルターを濡らす。
2. くぼみ/穴を開ける
3. コーヒーの粉をかき回す


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