An Ideal Coffee Roaster for Me/私には理想的なコーヒー焙煎機

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I previously used a 26-cm diameter shallow, alumite pot to try to roast 200 g of coffee beans, but I failed, as I described here. After much thought, I decided to give the pot another try, but this time after making some holes at the bottom.
ここに書いた通り、以前、直径26 cmの浅いアルマイト鍋を使って、コーヒー豆を200 g焙煎しようとしましたが、失敗しました。いろいろ考えた結果、その鍋をもう一度試すことにしました。今回は底に穴を開けてからです。
300 g (not 200 g) of Brazilian coffee beans:
コーヒー豆(ブラジル)、300 g(200 gではなく): 
For the first 10 minutes, I placed this semicircular lid on the top.
After 15.5 min. roasting:
The beans are now 250 g in weight.
豆は重さ250 gになりました。 
16.7% weight reduction. Sounds perfect!
I know I need to refine my pot roaster slightly so that I can shake it more easily, but I’m pretty sure this is going to be an ideal coffee roaster for me.

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