Direct-Flame Coffee Roasting with a “Perforated” Pot/穴の開いた鍋による直火コーヒー焙煎

Japanese Coffee
Note: The following description applies to direct-flame not hot air coffee roasting.
First of all, let me show you my ideal coffee roaster No. 1.

I have attached a piece of bamboo as a handle to facilitate shaking.

This time, I decided to test whether it could roast 400 g of coffee beans evenly.
今回は、コーヒー豆400 gをムラなく焙煎できるか試すことにしました。

You have to place a lid or something similar on the top for the first 10 minutes of roasting to keep the moisture inside the pot high.
This time, I decided to cover about 3/4 of the top.

Note: As for the milk can roaster, you need not cover the top, because of its great height. A great feature of the milk can roaster is that you don’t have to worry about exhaust air control.
注: ミルク缶焙煎機の場合は、高さがあるので、上部を覆う必要はありません。ミルク缶焙煎機の偉大な特徴の一つは、排気のコントロールを心配する必要がないことです。

Start roasting with the heat set to medium or high, depending on the heating power of the burner. If your burner has a heating power of 2,600 kcal/h or greater, you may want to start with medium. I started with the heat set to high because of the large amount of coffee beans.
Make sure that chaff starts to come off in about 3-4 minutes. If earlier, you need to lower the heat.
It is very important to keep in mind that coffee roasting is a two-phase process, drying phase and chemical reaction phase.
I first thought that I’d dry the beans for 12 minutes, but first crack occurred at around 11:45, so I changed my mind and removed the lid. Then, I took this photo and replaced the gas cylinder with a new one.
コンロの火力によりますが、火を中か強にして焙煎を始めます。火力が2,600 kcal/h以上のコンロであれば、中火で始めたほうがいいと思います。私は、コーヒー豆の量が多いので、火を強にして始めました。

Also, keep in mind that first crack should occur at 12-14 minutes after the start of roasting.

First crack continues for about 1-2 minutes. At this point, the beans lose weight by about 15%. When you bring them to second crack, they will lose weight by up to 20%.

When you have roasted your beans to the desired level, cool them immediately. I have an electric fan (not shown).

I roasted my beans for a total of about 16 minutes.
I got 325 g of roasted beans.
焙煎した豆が325 gできました。

18.8% weight reduction.

Look at all the chaff generated during roasting:

I’m really glad that my pot roaster can roast 400 g of coffee beans properly.
私の鍋焙煎機はコーヒー豆400 gをちゃんと焙煎できて、うれしいです。

But, I have a new mission!
Yesterday, I found this great toaster oven sold for 500 yen at the second-hand store. Of course, I grabbed it!

Two heating elements at the top and one at the bottom.
It has a temperature control!
I think I’ll convert this toaster oven into a coffee roaster.
To be continuted. I haven’t yet talked about the features of my three roasters (milk can, kettle, and alumite pot roasters).

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