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I have a Kalita 600S, with a capacity of 600 cc (ml), bought in 2004 from Flavor Coffee. As I mentioned previously here, the pot has had three modifications made to it by Nakagawa-san. He explains how to make the modifications on this page (Japanese only) of the official website of Flavor Coffee.
You will need:
4mm stainless steel countersunk screw
Wooden knob
Silicone tube with an inside diameter of 4 mm to fit into the spout root with an inside diameter of 6 mm

1. Remove the metal knob from the lid, using a drill or something similar, and replace it with a wooden knob.
2. Bend the end of the spout downward to make it drip-proof, using pliers, and finish it with a file.
3. Fold one end of the tube inside out, cut off the other end diagonally, and insert the diagonal end into the spout root. In this way, you can reduce the water flow by half.

Nakagawa-san has a Kalita 1000S, with a capacity of 1000 cc (ml). He has made another modification to his pot as described here: bending the end of the handle upward. The purpose is to prevent the end from being heated when the pot is put on the stove to boil, but he has found that this has an additional effect of making the pot very stable when holding it because he can place his thumb on the bent end.

CAUTION: If you bend the end of the handle, the plating may come off. If you order a Kalita 1000S with a thermometer attached from Flavor Coffee, Nakagawa-san makes all the three modifications to the pot, and makes the fourth modification only if you accept the risk.

In Shukan Flavor No. 113, Nakagawa-san explains the greatest difference between 600S and 1000S, starting at around 34:00.
Shukan Flavor No. 113/週間フレーバーNo. 113
In short, with the 600S, the water comes out of the spout rather diagonally; with the 1000S, it comes out and straight down.

Kalita Drip Pot 600S
Kalita Drip Pot 1000S

Thus, the 1000S is superior, but I still prefer my 600S because it’s cuter.
私はカリタの600S(容量600 cc)を持っています。2004年、フレーバーコーヒーから購入したものです。ここで述べたように、このポットは、中川さんにより改造が三か所行われています。フレーバーコーヒーのオフィシャルサイトのこのページに改造の方法の説明があります。
内径4 mmのシリコンチューブ(内径6 mmの注ぎ口のつけねに挿入する)

1. 蓋から金属のつまみを、ドリルなどを使って外し、木製のつまみと交換します。
2. 注ぎ口の先をペンチを使って下に曲げ、水切れをよくし、やすりで仕上げます。
3. チューブの片方を折り返し、一方を斜めに切り落とし、斜めに切った方を注ぎ口のつけねに挿入します。これで、水量を半分にできます。


注意: 取っ手の先端を曲げると、メッキがはがれる場合があります。温度計つきのカリタ1000Sをフレーバーコーヒーに注文すると、中川さんは改造を三か所行いますが、四つ目の改造はそのリスクを承諾した場合のみ行います。

週間フレーバーNo. 113では、中川さんは600Sと1000Sの最大の違いを、34:00あたりから説明しています。
Shukan Flavor No. 113/週間フレーバーNo. 113

Kalita Drip Pot 600S
Kalita Drip Pot 1000S


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