Learning from Shukan Flavor, Part 6/週間フレーバーで学ぶ パート6

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In Shukan Flavor 22, Trying Extraction Temperatures, Nakagawa-san first brews coffee with two versions of the Matsuya method and with the Yasunaga method. He then gives wonderful suggestions for those who do not have a proper drip pot.
「週間フレーバー22・抽出温度を試す」 では、中川さんはまず、二種類の松屋式とヤスナガ式でコーヒーを淹れ、次に、ちゃんとしたドリップポットを持っていない人のために素晴らしいアドバイスをしてくれます。

Shukan Flavor 22/週間フレーバー22

Suppose you have a pot in your kichen, you can use it to brew coffee if you have some kite string and a stainless steel nut. Watch the video at 58:30.

If you have a server/carafe, you can use it instead of a pot. Watch the video at 1:00:24.

You can also use a paper cup. Make a hole with an ice pick. Watch the video at 1:02:08.

You can also use a teapot with a “squitter” (sp?) inserted into the spout. See the video at 1:05:46. He cuts one end of a twist tie diagonally, bends the tie in half, and inserts it into the spout.




I must say Nakagawa-san is very generous in imparting his knowledge on Shukan Flavor videos, on his website, and elsewhere.

I want to try the paper cup suggestion some day.

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