Liberian Coffee/リベリカ種のコーヒー

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The latest edition (Sep. 4) of Shukan Flavor is titled “Revenge! Roasting Liberian Coffee”.
Shukan Flavor No. 122/週間フレーバーNo. 122
In last week’s edition (Aug. 28) of Shukan Flavor, Nakagawa-san attempted to roast Colombian coffee beans first and then Liberian beans, using a milk can roaster, to compare the two varieties, but he failed to roast them.
Shukan Flavor No. 121/週間フレーバーNo. 121
In the latest edition, Nakagawa-san explains why he failed, starting at around 2:40. The cause was the characteristics of the high-power portable gas stove he used for roasting: No flames are generated from the center, and when you move the milk can roaster up and down above the stove, the flames will escape sideways.
This time, he uses his commercial roaster to roast Liberian coffee beans.
At 39:10, he starts to show the beans roasted for 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 (first crack), and  18 minutes (end of roasting). Changes for 3 minutes from 15 to 18 minutes are very remarkable.
At 52:20, in response to a comment, Nakagawa-san says that those who wish to drink this coffee are requested to place an order for beans by mail order, and he will offer some as a giveaway. He adds that he will offer it as beans even if you request it to be ground.

At 54:26, he starts explaining the two characteristics of Liberian coffee beans he has found: The beans have not expanded as much as he expected, and when brewing, he found that gas was released very fast.

At 59:00, he starts explaining the flavor of Liberian coffee. First of all, he says it’s “drinkable”. It’s a bit like tea, it has sweetness, but the aroma is a little weak.

I ordered some Mocha beans to get some of the Liberian coffee beans as a giveaway.

Compare the Liberian beans (left) with Mocha beans.
I don’t have a coffee mill, so I used my Milser (small blender) to grind the Liberian beans.
There is no way I can grind them coarsely.
In the murashi (steaming) process, it took 15 seconds until the coffee started dropping into the server. Usually, it takes only about 7 seconds.

Coffee grounds, after 3-minute murashi:

 I transferred the initial liquid to a glass, and started pouring water for brewing.
最初の液をコップに移し、 抽出のため水をさし始めました。
It took me about 3 minutes to brew 600 ml (or maybe around 400 ml) of coffee.
600 ml(もしかすると400 ml程度)のコーヒーを抽出するのに3分程度かかりました。 
First three cups of coffee:
Even the first cup tasted bitter!

Last three cups of coffee:

I tasted all of the six cups one at a time, and I mixed the first three cups together.
I tasted it, found it was quite bitter yet drinkable, and diluted it with an equal amount of water.
I also mixed the last three cups together, tasted it, and found it was not good. I later dumped it down the sink.

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