Matsuya Coffee’s Genuine 5-Cup Dripper vs. Flavor Coffee’s Version of the Same Dripper/松屋コーヒーの純正5杯用ドリッパーとフレーバーコーヒー版のドリッパー

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Matsuya Coffee sells their original wire-frame drippers for 3, 5, 10, and 20 cups, as well as accompanying paper filters for 3, 5, 10, and 20 cups.
Page listing filters and drippers/フィルターとドリッパーのページ

Flavor Coffee also sells Matsuya’s original wire-frame drippers for 3, 5, 10, and 20 cups, among others.

Page listing drippers, dome-shaped lids, etc./ドリッパー、ドーム型のふた等のページ

It is important to note that the wire-frame dripper for 5 cups available from Flavor Coffee differs from the genuine one available from Matsuya Coffee.

In, Shukan Flavor 53, Nakagawa-san explains why his dripper differs.

Shukan Flavor 53/週間フレーバー53

At 21:27, he shows the 3-cup dripper.
At 21:41, he compares the 3-cup dripper (right) with the 5-cup dripper available from Flavor Coffee.
At 22:00, he compares the 3-cup dripper (right) with the genuine 5-cup dripper available from Matsuya Coffee.
At 22:15, he shows that the 3-cup dripper fits in Kalita’s 300-ml server.
At 22:24, he shows that the genuine 5-cup dripper doesn’t fit in the server.
At 22:25, he shows that Flavor Coffee’s version fits in the server.
At 23:00, he compares Flavor Coffee’s version (right) with the genuine one.
He explains that these portions (four vertical segments) are bent (inward).
At 23:38, he places a 1-cup (2- or 3-cup, I suppose) filter in the genuine 5-cup dripper.
At 23:55, he places the filter in the Flavor Coffee’s version.
He explains one great advantage of FC’s version: For a small amount of coffee grounds like 20 g, you can get a greater height of coffee grounds than the genuine one, so you can get stronger coffee.
22:15、3人用ドリッパーがカリタの300 mlサーバーにフィットすることを示します。
フレーバーコーヒー版の大きな利点を説明します。20 gなど少量のコーヒーの粉では、純正品よりも粉を高くできるので、より濃いコーヒーを淹れられます。

In summary, if you get a 5-cup dripper from Flavor Coffee, you can use it to brew 1-5 cups of coffee, and you need not get a 3-cup dripper.

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