“Secrets of Coffee” Section of Flavor Coffee’s Website/フレーバーコーヒーのサイトの「珈琲の極意」セクション

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Japanese text is omitted here./和文は省略します。

The descriptions in the Secrets of Coffee section of Flavor Coffee’s website are mainly philosophical rather than scientific. They may be interesting to read, but it should be noted that these descriptions may be confusing and misleading and should not be taken seriously.

For example, the section contains an essay titled “Coffee and Frog”.
The essay based on the boiling frog story.

He says that coffee beans won’t crack if they are increased in temperature gradually.
He adds, “I think that I have to help coffee beans change their components into those of roasted beans by surprising them slightly, just like a frog.
I can’t help feeling that by doing so, coffee beans make dramatic changes.
Just a slight stimulus is enough as the trigger for the dramatic changes.
After all, roasting is all about how to bring out the potentials of coffee, probably.

The essay may be interesting to read, but does not necessarily help you understand coffee.

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