Trying to Make a Better Coffee Roaster, Part 4 (Final)/もっと良いコーヒー焙煎機作りに挑戦、パート4(最終)

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I was in no mood for making another attempt with the alumite pot, and I decided to roast the remaining 255 g of coffee beans in my milk can roaster.
アルマイトの鍋で挑戦する気にもならず、ミルク缶焙煎機で残りの豆255 gを焙煎することにしました。
I succeeded in roasting this amount of coffee beans properly.
In the garage, where I roast coffee beans, there are persimmons hanging from ropes near the window.
Some have already been eaten by my son.
These are the equipment and tools that I use to roast coffee.
My two attempts to roast coffee beans (200 g and 300 g) in an alumite pot have ended in failure. I have a feeling that I should search for a large can with a diameter of, say, 15-18 cm, make a roaster with it, and try to roast up to 300 g of coffee beans. (I have a feeling that 500 g will be too much for a pot, pan, wok, kettle, and so on.)
アルマイトの鍋でコーヒー豆を焙煎するという私の2回の挑戦(200 g、300 g)は失敗に終わりました。直径15~18 cm程度の大きな缶を探して、それで焙煎機を作り、コーヒー豆を最大300 g焙煎することに挑戦すべきだという気がします(鍋、フライパン、中華鍋、やかんなどでは500 gは多過ぎる気がします)。

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