Using a Kettle as a Coffee Roaster/やかんをコーヒー焙煎機として使う

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Yesterday (Nov. 30), I almost tried to roast 300 g of green coffee beans in this 18 cm diameter sieve.
昨日(11/30)は、この直径18 cmのざるで生豆(きまめ、なままめ)を300 g焙煎しようと思いました。
I thought of ways to attach a wooden handle to the sieve and wrap aluminum foil around the sieve. I was unable to find good ways, so I decided to go to the second hand store again, hoping to find other cheap items suitable for coffee roasting. I bought this 19 cm diameter kettle for 380 yen.
このざるに木の取っ手を付けて、アルミホイルをざるの周りに貼る方法を考えたのですが、いい補方法が見つからないので、またリサイクルショップに行って、コーヒー焙煎に適した何か安いものを探しました。この直径19 cmのやかんを380円で買いました。   
I also bought this big enameled pot for 1,500 yen.
I liked this particular pot because it can be used as a steamer, too.
Besides, I fell in love with these cute bears at first sight.
That’s another story.
This is another story, too.
Left: Coffee cup at a 7-11.
Right: Coffee cup at a Lawson.
左: セブンイレブンのコーヒーカップ。
右: ローソンのコーヒーカップ。
This year, major conbini chains have started to offer drip coffee at moderate prices (100 and 180 yen at 7-11 and Lawson, respectively). I’ve been interested to know how good their coffees would be. Both coffees were much worse than I had expected, especially the 7-11 one.
Last night, my family had both Le Lectier and La France at the same time after supper.
Generally, le Lectier is considered much tastier than la France, but my daughter said she prefers the latter.
Back to the main topic!
Today (Dec. 1), I tried to roast 315 g of Colombian coffee beans in the kettle shown above. But first, I “double roasted” 435 g of coffee beans I previously roasted.
今日(12/1)は、生豆(コロンビア)315 g、上のやかんで焙煎してみました。その前に、以前焙煎した豆を435 g「ダブルロースト」しました。
I wanted to dark roast them so that they would be suitable for iced coffee (coffee jelly, to be more precise), but probably due to the heat capacity of the portable burner, the beans wouldn’t get darker. After all, I roasted them for about 12 minutes. The weight loss was only 10 g.
アイスコーヒー(正確に言えばコーヒーゼリー)に合うように深煎りしたかったのですが、カセットコンロの熱容量のせいか、色がこれ以上濃くなりませんでした。結局、12分程度焙煎しました。重さは10 g減っただけです。
Now, the main event of the day.
315 g of green beans:
生豆315 g: 
Transferred to the kettle.
This is how I shook the kettle.
With the lid on and the spout open.
I occasionally checked the beans inside from the spout.
Ten minutes later, I removed the lid, and started to shake the kettle again.
I roasted them for about 15.5 minutes.
They are now 265 g in weight, so the weight loss is remarkable: 15.9%.
重さは265 gになったので、減った量はすごいです。15.9%です。
Rather uneven roast, as you can see from the photo, but considering this is the very first try with a kettle, I think this was a success.
I may make some modifications to the kettle, like making holes at the bottom. Or, maybe I should remove the bottom and replace it with a net or something, as in this blog (Japanese only).

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