What It’s Like Having the Freshest Coffee at Home At All Times?/いつも家に新鮮なコーヒーがあるってどんな感じ?

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Today, I have roasted 500 g of coffee beans with my perforated alumite pot. This is the very first time that I have roasted 500 g of them. It’s a success. 16.2% weight loss.
今日は、穴開きのアルマイト鍋でコーヒー豆を500 g焙煎しました。500 g焙煎するのは初めてです。成功しました。重量減は16.2%です。
Right: Coffee beans I have roasted today, put in a jar.
Left: Coffee beans I roasted two weeks ago (15.8% weight loss), which we will use up in two or three days.
右: 今日焙煎したコーヒー豆(瓶に入れた後)
左: 二週間前に焙煎したコーヒー豆(重量減15.8%)。二、三日後には使い切る予定。 

So, what it’s like having the freshest coffee at home at all times? It makes you happy!

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