Which One to Recommend, Kono, Hario, or Matsuya/コーノ、ハリオ、松屋式のうちどれを奨めるか

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In Shukan Flavor No. 80/週間フレーバーNo. 80, Nakagawa-san talks about Kono and Hario equipment, in response to questions/comments.

At around 59:30, he shows two Kono drippers. He says that they easily get cracked.
See the video at around 59:50. He says this is the problem with the plastic.
In contrast, Hario drippers won’t get cracked after longtime use. See the video at around 1:00:20.
At 1:00:40, he says that Kono’s idea that the extraction is done with the middle-to-bottom ribs is basically correct.
At 1:01:18, he says that Hario’s dripper, which has top-to-bottom ribs so that it pulls water right from the top, is not quite right.
At 1:01:37, he says he recommends the Matsuya method, but if someone asked me which of Kono and Hario he recommends, he would recommend Kono. But Hario is less expensive, so he might recommend Hario.
In response to a comment, he shows a Hario paperless dripper at 1:02:23. He says he doesn’t recommend it. He once got one to experiment it, and found it was no good. He hasn’t used it since then.
Shukan Flavor No. 80/週間フレーバーNo. 80では、質問・コメントに応えて、コーノとハリオの器具について語ります。


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