Aji for Tataki/たたき用の鯵(あじ、アジ)

Japanese Food
Yesterday, I got four aji for tataki for 50 yen each. Tataki is a type of sashimi made by chopping raw fish with a knife with other ingredients such as miso, negi, and perilla. Tataki can also mean seared raw fish, as in katsuo no tataki (seared bonito).
Images of aji no tataki/あじのたたきの画像
Images of katsuo no tataki/かつおのたたきの画像
I usually use my Global santoku to fillet aji, but for this time, I decided to use my Watanabe Blade stainless steel 12-mm petty (paring) knife. To that end, I put an extra sharp edge on the tip of the blade beforehand, with my #1000 and #5000 whetstones.
Instead of making tataki, I simply cut each fillet into small pieces.
Petty knife after filleting:
It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the blade had a few nicks. I had to repair the knife by using my #1000 and #5000 whetstones again.
写真では分かりにくですが、刃には小さな傷があります。 また#1000と#5000の砥石を使って直しました。 
I think I’d better stick to my Global santoku to fillet fish for now. The Watanabe Blade kuro-uchi (black finish) mioroshi deba with a blade length of 195 mm is just too big and heavy (approx. 240 g).
今のところグローバルの三徳を使っているほうがいいと思います。渡辺刃物の黒打身卸し出刃(刃渡り195 mm)は大きすぎるし、重すぎる(約240 g)ので。

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