“Aji” fry 鯵のフライ

Japanese Food

I found the frozen filets of “aji” (jack or horse mackerel) in the freezer. I have postedtwice about several dishes I previously made with this type of fish. This time, I made “namerou” 鯵のなめろうand made fries from the remaining 6 small filets. “Aji” fry or 鯵のフライ is a popular way to prepare “aji”.

I served the fillets with a wedge of lemon and some coleslaw I made (with honey mustard dressing).

This was prepared exactly the same as any other fry. I covered the fillets with a paper towel soaked in sake for 15 minutes or so to reduce any fishiness . I also removed the small bones along the mid-line using a Japanese fish bone tweezer. As with any cutlets, I dredged the mackerel pieces with flour, dipped in  egg water and then coated with panko crumbs. I deep fried it in 350F peanut oil for 1-2 minutes turning once.

We enjoyed this just as it came out of the oil and it was nicely hot and crunchy.

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