Aji no Nanban Zuke, Again/再び、アジの南蛮漬け

Japanese Food
As part of supper tonight, I made aji no nanban zuke. Green peppers are a nice ingredient of nanban zuke, but we didn’t have any. My wife suggested that I add cucumbers, and I unwillingly accepted the idea.
I hit upon a good idea: Making kinshi tamago.
I decided to keep the aji separate from the vegetables, so my daughter, who is not a big fan of nanban zuke, could have the vegetables and the kinshi tamago as a kind of salad.
I used two packs of aji. I coated them with katakuriko (potato starch) and komeko (rice flour) and deep-fried at a low temperature of 160oC for more than 8 min.
I marinated them in a 3:3:1 mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar, as usual. I left out red peppers.
I boiled more than 600 g somen. On a hot summer day, we crave cold noodles!
素麺を600 g以上茹でました。暑い夏の日には冷たい麺を食べたくなります!
(My daughter said she had a lot of aji, and added they were very good!)

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