Asari no Saka Mushi (Short-Necked Clams Steamed with Sake)/あさりの酒蒸し

Japanese Food

I made asari no saka* mushi as part of supper tonight.
Sorry, I don’t have a recipe to share for such a simple dish.
* We don’t say sake mushi but saka mushi. Likewise, we say saka ya (liquor shop), not sake ya.
Here is one recipe in English if you are interested.
Some recipes call for red peppers, garlic, butter, soy sauce, etc., etc., but I just use sake only. This time, I used cooking sake, which contains some salt (to evade high taxes on alcohol), so the resultant dish was salty enough without any other seasoning.
* 「さけむし」とは言わず、「さかむし」と言います。同様に、酒屋は「さけや」ではなく、「さかや」です。

Let me remind you that episode 3 of the TV drama version of Shinya Shokudo (and episode 39 of volume 3 of the manga version) is on asari no saka mushi.
You can see another version of my asari no saka mushi here, made with expensive very large asari and drinking sake.

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