Astringent Persimmons Sent from My Father/父が送ってくれた渋柿

Japanese Food
The other day, my father told me over that phone that about 300 persimmons had fallen down from trees due to typhoon No. 18. Two days ago, he called me again, and said that he would pick all the persimmons (150 of them or so) before typhoon No. 19 comes and give them to his three children (including me, of course).
So, I got these persimmons today.

They were astringent, which means that they must have their astringent removed in some way or other.

One common way is to use liquor, preferably with an alcohol content of 35% or greater. As I mentioned in a previous post, I once used shochu with an alcohol content of 25%, with a moderate success, so I did the same again this year.
一般的な方法の一つは、蒸留酒(できればアルコール分35%以上)を使うことです。 以前述べたように、前にアルコール分25%の焼酎でも、まあまあうまく行ったので、今年も同じようにしました。
This bag contains 30 persimmons. The other one contains 39.

I hang the other 47 persimmons to dry. Because the typhoon is approaching, they are now indoors.

I hope the typhoon won’t cause much damage.

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