Bonito tataki yamakake variation 鰹のタタキ山かけ風

Japanese Food

I made this dish from the leftover bonito tataki 鰹のタタキ I served the day before. I first made it into “zuke” (marinated fish) by putting the leftover bonito into a small ziploc bag and adding concentrated noodle soup base  or “mentsuyu” 麺つゆ (from the bottle)  to preserve the tataki. The next day, I made a sort of “Yamakake” 山かけ variation. Classic yamakake is tuna sashimi or zuke mixed with grated nagaimo 長芋.  Here I made small cubes of nagaimo instead of grating it and used bonito tataki instead of tuna.

I dressed this using Ponzu sauce (from the bottle) and garnished with scallion.

Of course, sake is called for here. This is our new house-sake “Tengumai” daiginjo from Ishikawa prefecture 天狗舞純米大吟醸. We first had this in Kanazawa 金沢 (it was “yamahi junmai” 山廃純米). Recently we re-discovered this brand of sake and like it very much. Compared to our other house sake Yaegaki “Mu” daiginjo 八重垣無大吟醸 which is clean and fruity, tengumai has a bit more complexity and depth.

Ingredients (amounts are all arbitrary):
1. Nagaimo, peeled and cut into small cubes (#1).
2. Scallion, finely sliced and soaked in water and then drained (#2).
3. Bonito tataki, marinated in concentrated noodle sauce (from the bottle) overnight and cut into cubes (#3).
4. Mixed together and dressed in Ponzu sauce (from the bottle) ( #4).

This was a nice small dish. My wife liked this version since the nagaimo was nicely crunchy (instead of slimy). The bonito tataki lost any hint of fishiness and had a nice favor and texture. Perfect to have it with a bit of good cold sake.

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