Cooking Maitake/マイタケを調理する

Japanese Food
I am very particular about how to cook maitake. The two most important things to remember are NOT to rinse maitake (and other mushrooms as well) and NOT to overcook it.
NOTE: I’m talking about cultured maitake and other mushrooms. I do wash wild mushrooms to remove dirt and any tiny worms that may be hiding in them.
I decided to use half the 500 g maitake in miso soup and stir-fry the other half with butter, as usual (I can’t think of better ways to cook this mushroom…).
いつも通り、500 gのマイタケの半分を味噌汁に入れ、残りの半分はバター炒めにすることにしました(このきのこを調理する、より良い方法が考え付かないので…)。
I tore the maitake with my hands, not with a knife.
I put some water in a pot, added maitake and some instant dashi, and brought to a boil.
I stopped the heat immediately, and added some miso. Finished. The maitake will cook as long as it’s hot.
I put the other half in a frying pan, sprinkled 1/2 tsp salt, turned on the heat, and “simmered” with a lid on.
I added some butter, and repeated the steps of “simmering” and stir-frying several time. Finally, I added some soy sauce and additional butter, and turned off the heat.
Again, I refrained from overcooking the maitake.

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