Daikon Burgers/大根バーガー

Japanese Food

For lunch today, I made daikon burgers.

I cut daikon into thin (about 5 mm) rounds, put them in an I Wrap bag, and microwaved for 3 min.

大根を薄い(約5 mm)輪切りにして、アイラップに入れ、電子レンジで3分加熱しました。

Two English muffins and one can of non-oil tuna:

One muffin has 150 kcal, the can of non-oil tuna less than 100 kcal, and 1 tbsp mayonnaise 100 kcal, so I hope that the two burgers do not exceed 600 kcal. I have decided to limit the daily calorie intake to 1,600 to 1,800 kcal, so each meal has to be less than 600 kcal.
マフィン一つが150 kcal、ノンオイルツナ一缶が100 kcal未満、マヨネーズ大さじ1が100 kcalなので、バーガー二つでも600 kcalは超えないと思います。一日のカロリー摂取を1,600~1,800 kcalにすることにしたので、一回の食事は600 kcal未満にしないと。

The burgers were not as tasty as I had imagined. I reaffirmed how important it is to parboil daikon. I recommend parboiling daikon as I briefly described here.

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