Daikon Pickle/大根漬け

Japanese Food

I searched for a good daikon pickle recipe on the Internet, for example, here.
I found takuan, bettara zuke, sa-go-hachi (not san-go-hachi (lit. three-five-eight)), miso zuke, etc., etc.
Since none of the recipes I found fascinated me, I decided to make my same old pickle.
The recipe is quite simple:
Equal amount of vinegar and mirin-fu seasoning (not mirin, which contains alcohol) plus some salt.

1/4 daikon
120 ml vinegar
120 ml mirin-fu seasoning
1 tsp salt

Combine them all and let stand in the fridge overnight.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any mirin-fu seasoning left in the kitchen, so I substituted it with sugar. I should have added 120/3 = 40 ml sugar because sugar is three times as sweet, but I added 20 ml. Besides salt, I also added some Ebisume (a type of salted kombu) for additional flavor.

大根 1/4本
お酢 120 ml
みりん風調味料 120 ml
塩 小さじ1


残念なことに、みりん風調味料が台所に残ってなかったので、砂糖を使いました。砂糖は3倍甘いので、120/3 = 40 ml入れなければいけないのですが、20 mlしか入れませんでした。味を良くしようと、塩の他にえびすめ(塩昆布の一種)も入れました。

My wife said she liked it better than daikon nukazuke.

Sorry, muskrat. If you have any recipe written in Japanese that you want to try, I can help with the translation.

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