Daikon Steak/大根ステーキ

Japanese Food

I made daikon steak as part of supper tonight.

The recipe I referred to says to cut daikon into 2-cm thick rounds and heat in a 600-W microwave for 3 min. to 3 min. and 30 sec. I cut mine into 1.5-cm thick rounds and heated in a 800-W microwave for 3 min. The daikon rounds looked still tough, so I heated them for another 3 min. They turned translucent and looked tender, so I pan-fried them with some oil and seasoned with 40 ml soy sauce, 40 ml mirin, and 20 ml sake.
私が参考にしたレシピーには、大根を2cm厚に切って、600Wの電子レンジで3分~3分30秒加熱すると書かれていました。私は1.5cm厚に切って、800Wの電子レンジで3分加熱しましたが、大根はまだ硬そうでした。そこでもう3分加熱しました。半透明になり、柔らかくなったようなので、油を少し入れたフライパンで焼き、しょう油40 ml、みりん40 ml、お酒20 mlで味付けしました。

(As you can see, I also made chicken tsukune.)

I was wrong! When I tasted one, I found it was still tough! I thought it was “mazui” (not bad). Surprisingly, my wife said it was good. My daughter also said she could eat it.
The next time I make daikon steak, I will be more careful. I don’t want to eat tough daikon!
Correction: mazui = bad, not good. What a silly mistake!
I wonder why some recipes are so… inappropriate.

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