Follow-up on My Home-Made Ume Syrup and Ume Jam/自家製梅シロップと梅ジャムの続き

Japanese Food
Here’s the last bottle of my home-made ume syrup. I’m sure it will be empty in a few days.
All my family love it!
The home-made ume jam is not liked as much as the ume syrup, partly because of its slight bitterness. We still have four 1,800 ml Tupperware containers.
自家製のジャムは梅シロップほどは好まれてません。ちょっと苦いせいもあって。1,800 mlのタッパー容器がまだ4つもあります。
I have decided to consume it on a daily basis, one spoonful a day. This will surely keep me healthy!

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