Harvesting Sweet Potatoes/サツマイモの収穫

Japanese Food
Today, I finally got around to harvesting the sweet potatoes from my rented field.
The susuki (Japanese pampas grass) had grown so tall that I could hardly see my rented field.
Sunny, warm day perfect for any outdoor activity including harvesting!

You could never guess what was growing… I had planted sweet potato seedlings in two of the four rows in the field. I had planted seed potatoes in the other two, and I harvested the potatoes this summer. I have left the field almost unattended since then.

Two hours later, I was able to harvest all the sweet potatoes, plus three kobocha and some potatoes!

Sweet potatoes in two 45-liter plastic bags.

I placed them all in the garage to dry. You can see some potatoes in the lower right of the photo.

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