Hatsuga Genmai (Germinated Brown Rice)/発芽玄米

Japanese Food
On October 19, I finally decided to use up the 10 go of genmai (brown rice), which had been stored in the storage cabinet for a whole year. My plan was to cook half of it in a normal way and the other half as hatsuga genmai (germinated brown rice).
Making hatsuga genmai is easy. A recipe can be found here.

Luckily, no rancid odor after one-year storage at room temperature.

Rinse in cold water, transfer to a container (mixing bowl in the photo), and put water at 30 degrees C or higher. Leave for 1-2 days until germination occurs, with several changes of water.

I cooked half of it in a normal way, by adding some more water just before starting to cook.

Not bad, although I had to chew it more than I would to eat white rice.

And, today (October 21), the rest of the genmai looked like this.

I liked it! Less chewy than the brown rice I had two days ago. I wouldn’t mind having germinated brown rice two or three times a week!

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