Home-Made Korokke/自家製コロッケ

Japanese Food

My wife made korokke as part of supper last night, as requested by my son.

Photo of leftovers:

The korokke contained some ground pork, which brings me back to the same old question: What is the difference between korokke and menchi? My understanding is that a korokke is mostly mashed potato with some stir-fried onion and contains NO MEAT, while a menchi is mashed potato with some stir-fried onion and contains SOME MEAT. In short, a menchi is a deluxe version of korokke, with the addition of some meat. 50 years ago, when I was a kid, that was true, at least in my area in Tokyo. My wife keeps saying that a menchi is a deep-fried “hamburger patty” (or something similar to it). In present Japan, I think she is right.

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