Home-Made Wine and Astringent Persimmons/自家製ワインと渋柿

Japanese Food

Today, I got two corrugated boxes from my father, who lives in Chiba. The boxes contained astringent persimmons (shibu gaki in Japanese) and a bottle of home-made wine, among others.

One small (500 ml) bottle of home-made wine:
自家製ワインが入った小さな(500 ml)PETボトルが一つ:

I called my father, and he said he had got wine and grape juice mixed up, and he had to send us only this bottle, which he was sure was wine.
I had it with some cubes of ice at supper.

Astringent persimmons:

We will remove astringency from one half of them by putting them in a large plastic bag and adding ethyl alcohol in solid form.
We will peel the other half and let them dry to make hoshi gaki (dried persimmons).

Edited to add this note:
Under the Liquor Tax Law of Japan, it is illegal to make an alcohol beverage with an alcohol content of 1% or greater. The wine shown above is supposed to have an alcohol content less than 1%.

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