I have not failed/失敗したわけではない

Japanese Food
My very first attempt to make konnyaku ended in what you might call “failure”. Personally, I don’t like to use such a negative word. Like Edison said, “I have not failed…,” I’d say that I have just found one way that won’t work for me.
The recipe I used was exactly the same as that I previously described, except that I didn’t peel the konnyaku potato and I added 1% of sodium carbonate, not 2%. The konnyaku paste wouldn’t become firm after I simmered it for 30 minutes.
By not peeling the konnyaku potato, you can make black konnyaku. Note that store-bought black konnyaku is made by adding hijiki and other seaweed to konnyaku powder.

Compare them the the ones below, made with 2% sodium carbonate, skin peeled.

I think I can say that I now know one way to make konnyaku properly.

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