Kinpira Gobo/きんぴらごぼう

Japanese Food
Today, my wife got lots of vegetables from her brother, including gobo (burdock roots), as well as large amounts of takuan (yellow pickled daikon) and pickled nozawana (a type of green).
I decided to make kinpira gobo using some of the gobo.

I used a sheet of aluminum foil to clean the skin.

You can see the crumpled sheet of aluminum foil on the right.

You need not remove all the dirt from the gobo.

Cut into sticks and soak in cold water for a few minutes.
(Or, you can whittle the gobo.)

Cut a carrot into sticks, too. (Or, you can whittle it.) Put some sesame oil in a frying pan, and add gobo and carrot.

I heated with a lid on, for a few minutes. I added one red pepper (deseeded and cut into small pieces with scissors). Then, I added a 1:1 mixture of mirin and soy sauce (75 ml each, because of the large amounts of gobo and carrot). Stir-fry until done.
蓋をして数分加熱しました。赤唐辛子(種を抜き、はさみで細かく切って)入れました。次に、みりんと醤油を1:1で混ぜたもの(ごぼうと人参の量が多いのでそれぞれ75 ml)入れました。火が通るまで炒めます。

I was surprised to see that my wife transferred the kinpira to this tiny container. Anyway, I sprinkled some white sesame seeds.

I also simmered four slices of ma-dara (a type of cod).
75 ml sake
75 ml water
30 ml soy sauce
30 ml mirin
(sake + water), mirin, and soy sauce ratio = 5:1:1, as usual)
お酒 75 ml
水 75 ml
醤油 30 ml
みりん 30 ml
(酒+水)、みりん、醤油の割合 = いつも通り5:1:1)

Simmered for 6 min.

I learned from my wife that these particular slices were salted ma-dara! They were a bit salty, but good enough.

We also had this very substantial miso soup, leftover from last night’s supper.

We also had this simmered hijiki, also leftover from last night’s supper.

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