Kkakdugi (Kakuteki)/カクテキ

Japanese Food

I made kkakdugi (kakuteki in Japanese) today.
I first cut daikon into 1.5-cm cubes, put them in a bowl, added 2% salt, and let stand for about 1 hour. I tasted some cubes, and found they were too salty for my taste, so I had to soak them in water for some time to remove some salt. Then I added some “Kimchee Base” (shown in the photo below).
まず、大根を1.5 cm角に切り、ボールに入れ、2%の塩を入れ、1時間置いておきました。少し味見すると、塩辛すぎたので、水にしばらく漬けて、塩分を少し取りました。それから、「キムチの素」(下の写真参照)を少し入れました。

Far from authentic kakuteki, but good enough for my family.

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