Kogomi and Kinome/こごみと木の芽

Japanese Food
I just don’t know how many times I have posted about these two sansai (edible wild plants) here in my blog. I’d hate to make repetitious posts about the same topic, but then again, I just can’t resist the temptation to show some photo here, because I love sansai, just like most Japanese. So, here they are.
Kogomi or kogome (young shoots of ostrich fern (fiddleheads)):
こごみ、またはこごめ(ostrich fernの若芽(fiddleheads):

kinome (young shoots of three-leaf akebia):

In other parts of Japan, kinome means young leaves of sansho (Japanese pepper).

Both sansai were boiled for two minutes or so, drained, cooled in cold water, drained again, and had with any of ponzu, mayonnaise, and katsuobushi.

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