Koshihikari Rice Produced in Minami Uonuma/南魚沼産コシヒカリ

Japanese Food

This is the rice I posted about previously. See the April 3, 2010 post below for a photo of the bag of rice.

Koshihikari is the variety of rice best loved by the Japanese, and the Koshihikari rice produced in the Minami Uonuma region of Niigata prefecture is regarded as the very best in Japan.

I usually buy Koshiibuki rice because it is cheaper than Koshihikari but is almost as good.

I am of the opinion that good rice is bad for your health because you can’t get enough of it and you won’t need much okazu to have good rice. If the rice is good, I can have three bowls of it with only some salt, soy sauce, tsukudani, pickle, or furikake!

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