Making Low-Salt Umeboshi, Continued/低塩梅干し作り、続き

Japanese Food
June 20, 10 hours later.
2.5 kg ume and 1.0 kg sugar in each of the two 5-liter Tupperware containers:
2つの5Lのタッパー容器に入れた梅2.5 kgと砂糖1.0 kg:
Good condition.
Ume in the two glass jars:
No noticeable changes so far.
I should have measured the weight of the water I put in each glass jar so I could determine the exact salt concentration. Jar 1 weighs 10.0 kg, and
それぞれのガラス瓶に入れた水の重さを測っておくべきでした。そうすれば、正確な塩分濃度が分かったのですが。ガラス瓶1の重さは10.0 kg、 
and jar 2 weighs 8.0 kg. Assuming that the glass jars weigh 2.5 kg each, the salt concentration is approximately 6.0% for jar 1 and 5.5% for jar 2.
ガラス瓶2の重さは8.0 kg。ガラス瓶それぞれの重さを2.5 kgと仮定すると、塩分濃度は、瓶1では約6.0%、瓶2では5.5%です。

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