Making Low-Salt Umeboshi, Day 8/低塩梅干し作り、8日目

Japanese Food
Yesterday, I transferred the ume from the Tupperware container to an I-Wrap bag, and put it in the fridge. Last night, I tasted one, and found it was quite salty. To be more precise, I had the feeling that when sourness and saltiness were combined, the human taste bud might get them mixed up and mistakenly sense the sourness as saltiness.
This morning, I took the bag out of the fridge,  
and had one with a bit of hot rice.
Salty for sure but has turned slightly mellow.
After having the salty umeboshi, I started to think that my father’s low-salt umeboshi were not bad after all. I asked my wife to taste the salty version as soon as possible and tell me her opinion.
Today, it’s sunny, so I started to dry some of the ume in the sun.
I will leave the others indoors to see if the two versions will differ in flavor and texture.
To be continued.

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