Making Low-Salt Umeboshi, Day 9, Final Post for Now/低塩梅干し作り、9日目、今のところ最終投稿

Japanese Food
Yesterday (Day 8), I made several decisions after discussing with my wife, who is the major consumer of umeboshi in my family. We agreed that the umezuke (pickled ume), made by adding 20% sugar to ume pickled in salt water for 5 days but not dried for 4 days,
were not bad after all. In fact, they were quite tasty. So, I decided to follow my father’s recipe until the end.
In Japan, we are now in tsuyu (rainy season), and yesterday was really a lucky day for me. As I described in the preceding post, I started to dry some of the ume in the sun early in the morning (before 7), while leaving the others indoors. At around noon, I checked the ume outdoors, and was surprised to see that they had turned reddish.
I immediately started to dry the other ume in the sun. Notice the difference in color.
Unfortunately, the ones that I started to dry in the sun after noon did not turn reddish at around 3:30, probably because of less intense sunlight.
Ume that I started to dry in the sun early in the morning:
I decided to end the drying process yesterday. Rain was expected for today (and it’s raining right now).
I followed my father’s recipe for 200 g of the ume first.
父のレシピをまず200 gの梅で試しました。 
Add 40 g sugar, and some shochu with an alcohol content of 35%.
砂糖を40 g、アルコール度数35%の焼酎を少し入れます。 
(Again, I used 25% shochu.)
Shake the container gently to mix them.
This morning, I checked the low-salt umeboshi.
I tasted one, and found it was quite good.
Yesterday, I decided to leave the other dried ume (> 5 kg) unprocessed, put them in four I-Wrap bags, put two of them in the freezer and the other two in the vegetable compartment of the fridge.
For these ume, we can select from three options: 1. Have them as they are, without adding salt or sugar; 2. Add 3% salt to make them taste like conventional umeboshi (I found that 6% was too much for me); and 3. Add 20% sugar, by following my father’s recipe.
この梅に関しては、選択肢が3つ: 1.塩も砂糖も足さずにそのまま食べる、2.塩を3%足し、普通の梅干しのような味にする(6%は私には多過ぎました)、3.父のレシピ通り、砂糖を20%足す。
The umeboshi that I made by adding 6% salt were too salty for my taste, as I described above, so I rinsed them in water to remove some excess salt.
The end.

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