Making Mugi Meshi (Barley Rice)/麦飯を作る

Japanese Food
To make mugi meshi, you will need oshi mugi (rolled barley).

Barley is rich in dietary fiber. This particular product contains 15 times as much dietary fiber as white rice.

You have to decide the rice to barely ratio. A 7 to 3 ratio is quite common in Japan. As requested by my son, however, I decided to try a 1:1 ratio.
1. Wash 2 go of rice. Add enough water for 2 go of rice.
1. 米を2合研ぐ。2合のお米分の水を入れる。 

2. Add 2 go of rolled barley. Rolled barley need not be washed. Add water 2 times the amount of barley.
2. 押し麦を2合足します。押し麦は洗う必要はありません。水を押し麦の量の2倍入れます。

The amount of water to add is 2 times (2 x 180 ml) = 720 ml.
Note that 1 go is equivalent to 180 ml.
足す水の量は、(2 x 180 ml)の2倍、つまり720 ml。
1合は180 mlです。

3. Leave at least 30 minutes and turn on the rice cooker. For an IH rice cooker, you can turn it on immediately.
3. 最低30分置いてから、炊飯器のスイッチを入れます。IH炊飯器なら、すぐに入れてもOKです。

4. Done!
4. 完成!

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