Making Natsumikan Ponzu Again/再び、夏みかんポン酢を作る

Japanese Food

Today, I squeezed all the last natsumikan my father sent us to make ponzu. As you can see, most of them were rather small, and had blemishes and bruises all over them (and were not suited for making natsumikan peels simmered with sugar). The recipe is the same as that that I described here.

I used the squeezer only once. I knew my hands were a better tool for sequeezing the citrus fruit.

From 48 small-size natsumikan,

I was able to get about 900 ml juice.
果汁が900 ml程取れました。

To 400 ml juice, I added 400 ml soy sauce, plus some shredded kombu and some (15 g) katsuobushi. At this point, I forgot to add 100 ml mirin (with alcohol removed by boiling).
果汁400 mlにしょう油400 mlと刻み昆布を少しと鰹節を少し(15 g)入れました。この時点では、(煮切った)みりんを100 ml入れるのを忘れていました。

I have to add the mirin soon! I’m looking forward to using the ponzu, because home-made ponzue is usually tastes great.

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