Making Nozawana Zuke/野沢菜漬け作り

Japanese Food
(Sorry, more like a personal memo.)
Last Thursday, I got just a lot of nozawana from my father. I measured them, and they were 3.8 kg in total. Just too much to use up for a few days, so I decided to pickle them, although it is very unusual to pickle nozawana around this time of year. They are usually pickled in late November to December. I googled for a good recipe, but there were just too many of them, so I just added 3%  (3.8 kg x 0.03 = 114 g) salt and one red pepper.
先週の木曜日、父から野沢菜をいっぱいもらいました。測ると、全部で3.8 kgもありました。数日で使い切るには多すぎるので、漬けることにしました。今頃、野沢菜を漬けるのはとても珍しいことですが。普通は11月下旬~12月に漬けます。いいレシピをググってみたのですが、あまりにも色々あるので、ただ塩を3%(3.8 kg x 0.03 = 114 g)と唐辛子を一本入れました。

Today, I took some of them and put some in my nukadoko.

Something that’s not usually done, but I wanted to have something similar to daikon leaf nukazuke.

I finely chopped the rest to mix with natto.

To make “kirizai”, of course! Kirizai is a very popular local dish here in the Uonuma region of Niigata whose main ingredients are natto and nozawana zuke.
I also made kinshobai today. To make kinshobai, you don’t necessarily have to dry dried bonito shavings on very low heat for a long time, say, five minutes. Just dry them in a frying pan on very low heat for about 2 min., constantly stirring with chopsticks. When they have cooled, you can easily crumble them into powder with your hand.

My wife made these large kakiage as part of supper last night. She also made something I don’t know the name of (darker ones; deep-fried grated potatoes + tempura batter). She said her mother used to make them.

We had them with soba.  I had only one kakiage and some soba because I’m on a diet.

My lunch today was two leftover onigiri and leftover gyudon (beef bowl).

I have lost 9 kg so far since December 17. One more kg to go!
12月17日から9 kg減量しました。後1 kgです!

I took one bag of simmered natsumikan peels from the freezer. I will simmer them with sugar later.

I’m not a big fan, but my son says he can’t stop eating them.

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