Making Ponzu from Amanatsu/甘夏からポン酢を作る

Japanese Food
I have already explained how to make ponzu from citrus fruit somewhere on my blog. Here is how to deal with soiled pieces.
1. Rub soiled pieces under running water and soak them in water for some time. Rub again.
1. 汚れた果物を流水で擦り、しばらく水に漬けておきます。再度、擦ります。 
Still very soiled.
2. Peel the rind.
2. 皮を剥きます。 
3. Cut in half.
3. 半分に切ります。 
4. Squeeze.
4. 絞ります。 
You’ll learn that your hand is the best tool for this job.
5. Separate the juice from the seeds.
5. 果汁と種を分けます。 
My father and I drank the juice in the glasses. Sour and very refreshing!

6. Combine juice, dashi (for me, water + instant dashi), and soy sauce at your desired ratio (for me, 1:1:1). Add some dried bonito shavings (katsuobushi) and kombu (I simply left them out).
6. 果汁、出汁(私の場合は、水+出汁の素)、しょう油を好みの割合(私の場合、1:1:1)で合わせます。鰹節と昆布を少し入れます(私は省きました)。  

7. Store in the fridge.
7. 冷蔵庫に保存します。
There are still lots of pieces left in one container.
We still have a lot more in the other container…

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