Making Ume Soda by Mixing Ume Syrup with Baking Soda Solution/梅シロップと重曹溶液を混ぜて梅ソーダを作る

Japanese Food
Ume are abundant in citric acid, so I figured that I could make ume soda simply by mixing ume syrup with baking soda solution.
So, I dissolved 7 g of baking soda in 500 ml of water, and put the solution in the fridge.
重曹7 gを水500 mlに溶かし、冷蔵庫にしまいました。
Hours later, I mixed the solution with my ume syrup at a ratio of about 1:4.
Bubbles were generated almost instantly.
I tasted it and found it was a little salty, due to the presence of sodium. I think I should have reduced the amount to baking soda to, say, 4 g.
味見してみると、ナトリウムがあるため、少ししょっぱいと感じました。重曹の量を4 g程度に減らすべきでした。

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