Making Ume Syrup in Tupperware Containers/梅シロップをタッパー容器で作る

Japanese Food
I still had more than 6 kg of ume but no more glass jars. What should I do? I went to the 100-yen shop to find an answer. I found a really good one. Tupperware container with a capacity of 5.0 liters. I bought two of them.
I put 2.5 kg of ume in each container, and added 1 kg of sugar to each.
各容器に梅を2.5 kg入れ、砂糖もそれぞれに1 kg入れました。 
Most of the ume were the ones in the fridge, while just some of them were frozen ones.
I found the tupperware containers very easy to handle. You simply put all the ume first and then all the sugar. You can easily shake the container, with the lid on, to mix the ume with the sugar.
タッパー容器はとても扱いやすいことに気づきました。梅を全部先に入れ、砂糖を全部後に入れるだけです。 梅と砂糖を混ぜるのに、容器にふたをして簡単に振ることができます。
I still had more than 1 kg of ume left, so I had to use one 1,800 ml tupper container and one 1,700 ml one.
まだ梅が1 kg以上残ったので、1,800 mlと1,700 mlのタッパー容器を一つずつ使いました。
Left: 700 g ume and 300 g sugar
Right: Last 488 g ume and 220 g sugar
These ume are all frozen ones.
左: 梅700 g、砂糖300 g
右: 最後の488 g、砂糖220 g
One great advantage of tupperware:
You can stack them one on top of another to save space!
I can’t wait to taste the ume syrup!

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