Mixing Miso and Sake Kasu (Lees) Together for Longevity/長寿のため味噌と酒粕を混ぜる

Japanese Food
One of the drawbacks of Japanese cuisine is that many dishes turn out quite salty because of the heavy use of salt, soy sauce, and miso. In addition, for every Japanese meal, soup, often miso soup, is not optional but required. If you follow the Japanese eating custom for every meal of the day, you will consume a considerable amount of salt.
One way to reduce the intake of salt is to cut back on the amount of miso added to your miso soup. To do so, you can mix miso and sake kasu together in advance, like I did yesterday.
500 g miso (home-made miso, made by my father)
500 g sake kasu
味噌(父が作った手作り味噌) 500 g
酒粕 500 g
If sake kasu is fridge-cold, leave it at room temperature for some time to soften.
Adding some sake lees to miso soup, thereby reducing the amount of miso added is not my idea. This has been practiced for decades in Nagano prefecture, which now has Japan’s highest longevity rate.

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