Mushrooms Stir-Fried with Butter and Soy Sauce/きのこのバターしょう油炒め

Japanese Food

I made some stir-fried mushrooms today.

My way of making it is as follows:
1. Put mushrooms in a frying pan, add some salt, put on a lid, cook over medium heat for 1-2 min.
2. Take off the lid, start stir-frying to evaporate water.
3. Turn off the heat, add some butter, and sprinkle some soy sauce.
1. フライパンにきのこを入れ、塩を入れ、蓋をして、中火で1~2分火を通す。
2. 蓋を取り、水分を飛ばすよう炒め始める。
3. 火を止め、バターを入れ、しょう油を振り掛ける。

Stir-fried eryngii and oyster mushroom:

My way is intended to make the butter and soy sauce aromas stand out on the table not in the kitchen.

No matter how you make it, mushrooms stir-fried with butter and soy sauce is one of those dishes that are so easy to make yet very, very tasty.

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