My Nukadoko on November 30/私のぬか床、11月30日

Japanese Food

My nukadoko today:

(Sorry, blurry.)
I forgot to mix it last night. I haven’t put anything in it for the last two or three days because I have other types of pickle in my house and I don’t want to make nukazuke. I thought of putting it in the freezer again, but I decided to put it in the vegetable compartment of the fridge, hoping to get some daikon leaves in the near future.

I left the nukadoko airy for a few minutes, in an attempt to kill butyric acid bacteria.

I am still unable to find a better tool to make the surface flat than my right hand.

Obviously, this job leaves some smell on my hand. I don’t necessarily hate the smell of nukadoko, but sometimes I wish I could find a better tool.

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