My Rented Field, Spring 2013/借りている畑、2013年春

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Yesterday, I spent the whole morning tilling the soil and adding bark compost, organic lime, and chemical fertilizer all at once. 
The river bank still looked barren.

My field is at the center of the photo, measuring about 6 x 5 m = 30 m2.
私の畑は写真の中央、約6 x 5 m = 30 m2です。

3 bags (3 x 40 = 120 L) bark compost, 1/2 bag (20/2 = 10 kg) organic lime, and 1/2 bag (20/2 = 10 kg) chemical fertilizer.
バーク堆肥を3袋(3 x 40 = 120 L)、有機石灰を1/2袋(20/2 = 10 kg)、化学肥料を1/2袋(20/2 = 10 kg)。

Some people say that adding compost and lime at once should be avoided because they cause a chemical reaction, while others say otherwise. I chose organic lime in an attempt to avoid this possible problem rather than magnesium or slaked lime. (I’m no expert on this matter.)

For this work, I used this three-pronged hoe only.

I have another regular one, but I found the one above easier to use.

You may think that a field of this size is nothing as compared with much larger fields. You may be right, but for a larger field, you will definitely need a cultivator.

I was really glad that it was cloudy in the morning. I don’t want to work outside for hours when it’s sunny and hot.

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