Nagaoka on Jan. 17/長岡、1/17

Japanese Food
On Day 2 (Jan. 17) of the Center Test, I took the 7:30 train bound for Nagaoka to see my son a little after 8:30. I waited for him to get ready to leave the hotel in the hotel lounge, where I had a cup of complimentary instant coffee.

Impressive pictures on the walls.

I saw him off at the bus stop at around 9:20, and then I headed for the Nagaoka War Damage Exhibit Hall.
You can find some info about the Hall on this page of tripadvisor.

Then, I went to the East exit of Nagaoka Sation, and strolled aimlessly toward a coffee house.

Destination: Coffee shop called Komeda Kissaten.
Official website of this coffee shop chain.
目的地: コメダ珈琲店

I decided not to visit this place this time, and headed back to Nagaoka Station. I absolutely wanted to have this soft-serve ice cream at the YASUDA YOGURT SHOP in the station building.

280 yen. Best soft-serve ice cream I’ve ever had.

I bought four cups of “Yogurt Rare Cheese” for souvenir for my family. I got one complimentary fig-flavored Yasuda Yogurt because the total amount of purchase exceeds 1,000 yen.
Note that “rare” in Japanese means unbaked.

My son came home at 8 o’clock that night. He had been given just a lot of sweets for praying for passing entrance exams by relatives, teachers, and others. Shown below are just some examples of such sweets.

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