Natsumikan Peels Simmered with Sugar/夏みかんの皮の砂糖煮

Japanese Food
This morning, I simmered the marmalade for another few minutes, and transferred to a 1,800-ml tupperware container.  It’s now in the fridge.  I didn’t put it in jars because I think it can be consumed by us in weeks, mostly by my wife (laugh).
(I initially planned to use five natsumikan, but I ended up using only three of them because I was sure that they would not fit in the enameled pot.)
今朝、マーマレードをもう数分煮てから、1,800 mlのタッパーに移しました。今は、冷蔵庫に入ってます。瓶詰めはしませんでした。数週間でなくなると思うので。特に妻が食べると思います(笑)。 (当初は、夏みかんを5個使う予定だったのですが、結局、3個しか使いませんでした。ホウロウ鍋には絶対、全部入らないだろうと思ったからです。)  
Next, I made natsumikan no kawa no sato ni (natsumikan peels simmered with sugar), also called natsumikan no kawa no sato zuke.
First, I simmered the peels for 10 minutes, and drained.
I measured the peels, and they were 400 g in total.  In an enameled pot, I put the peels, and added 200 g sugar, although the sugar should be 80-100% of the peels according to one recipe.  I kept simmering until the water was almost gone.
皮の重さを測ると、全部で400 gでした。ホウロウ鍋に皮と砂糖を200 g入れました。或るレシピでは、砂糖は皮の8割~10割なのですが。水分が殆どなくなるまで煮ました。
The sugar didn’t crystallize (because of its low content?), so I thought I’d dry the peels.
I thought I could not keep placing them on the kitchen counter, so I transferred them to the drying net in my work room.
I tasted some, and found them incredibly good!
To be continued.

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