Natsumikan Peels Simmered with Sugar, Part 2/夏みかんの皮の砂糖煮、パート2

Japanese Food
I dried the peels overnight.  This morning, I tasted a rather shriveled one, and I found it slightly tough.  So, I gave up drying them any longer.  I first put 1 tbsp sugar in an I-Wrap bag, added half the peels, closed the bag, and shook well.  The peels looked like this.  Still wet.
Interestingly, the total weight of the peels was 400 g, the same weight they had before being dried.
面白いことに、皮の総重量は400 gで、干す前と同じになりました。
I thought I would skip tempering chocolate until I found an easy way to do so using a microwave on the Internet.
Break 60 g chocolate into small pieces, heat in a 500-W microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds, i.e., 90 seconds (for 90 x 0.8 = 72 seconds for a 600-W one and for 90 x 0.7 = 63 seconds for a 700-W one).  Half the chocolate should still be solid.  Mix with a rubber spatula.  The temperature should be 28-30C for milk chocolate and 30-31C for black chocolate.
チョコ60 gを小さく割って、500 Wの電子レンジで1分30秒、つまり90秒(600 Wなら、90 x 0.7 = 72秒、700 Wなら、90 x 0.6 = 63秒)加熱する。全体のチョコのうち半分はまだ固形のまま。ゴムベラで混ぜる。温度はミルクチョコの場合28~30C、ブラックチョコの場合30~31C。
I coated some of the peels with the chocolate.
They didn’t look delicious, so I gave up the idea of giving them to relatives and acquaintances.
Close-up of one stick:
After one bite:
Despite the ugly shape, it was really delicious!
By the way, on February 11 (national holiday in Japan), my daughter and I made cookies for Valentine’s Day.  This is the first batch.  We made four batches in total, using the toaster oven as usual.  They look rather childish for my 13-year-old daughter, but she said that everyone liked them last year and she wanted to make the same cookies again this year.

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