New Rice Cooker!/新しい炊飯器!

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I bought this IH (induction heating) rice cooker in 1999 for around 15,000 yen, when my previous “maikon” (microcomputer-controlled) rice cooker broke.

It still functions normally, but part of the coating inside the inner pot is peeled off.

So, I decided to purchase a new one. The only drawback of this particular IH cooker was that the inner lid was not detachable. As a matter of fact, when I purchased it, I had no idea that there were such products. I had assumed that the inner lids of all rice cookers were detachable.
というわけで、 新しいのを買うことにしました。このIH炊飯器の唯一の欠点は、内蓋(うちぶた)が外せないでした。実際のところ、購入した際は、そんな製品があるとは思いもしませんでした。炊飯器の内蓋はどれも外せると思い込んでいました。

I searched for an 1-sho IH rice cooker with a detachable inner lid in the price range of up to 20,000 yen.
1 sho is equivalent to ten go and 1,800 ml.
1升は、10合、1,800 mlです。
I got this one for less than 15,000 yen.

As you can see, the inner lid is detachable.

The inner pot is black, and has a round bottom.

These two cups came with this product.

The left one is for measuring non-wash rice.

Also supplied was the rice paddle on the right.

The left one came with the previous IH rice cooker.

Although embossed rice paddles like the right one are very popular these days, because they are touted as being free from sticking of rice, I will continue to use the left one. One reason is that an embossed rice paddle is hard to keep clean. Besides, I have never had any problems with the left one; no rice sticks to it.

I’m not going to dispose of my previous rice cooker. I think I’ll use it for sous-vide recipes.

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