Nihonshu (Japanese Rice Wine) at Hitohada (Human Skin Temperature)/人肌の日本酒

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One big characteristic of Japanese sake (nihonshu in Japanese) is that it can be drunk in a wide temperature range of about 5-55 oC.
Note: In Japanese, sake or o-sake (politer) is a generic term for any type of alcoholic beverage. To refer to Japanese rice wine, you need to use a more specific term like nihonshu (lit. Japanese sake) or seishu (lit. refined sake).
I personally like to have my sake (beer, shochu, and Japanese rice wine) well chilled. Recently, I found some sites that recommend having Japanese rice wine at hitohada (lit. human skin temperature), that is, around 35-37 oC. The reason for this is that the sweetness is at its peak at hitohada whereas the sourness remains the same regardless of the temperature, and nihonshu at hitohada has a good balance of sweetness and sourness.
So, I made a little expriment tonight. For this experiment, I used Takachiyo Honjozo from Takachiyo Shuzo, located in the Shiozawa area of Minami-Uonuma city.
注: 日本語では、酒またはお酒(より丁寧)とは色々なアルコール飲料の総称です。Japanese rice wineを指すには、日本酒とか清酒とか、もっと特定の用語を使う必要があります。

I raised the temperature of the sake, using the microwave oven.

Hm…….., I still prefer my sake well chilled.

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